The Snug

Our home from home Lounge

Offers a lovely space to come in and just chill or get away. Everyone genuinely gets the feel of being at home here and with a welcoming team you can pop in and tell us about yourself and get to know other cancer patients / carers or people affected by any type of cancer.

Sometimes just getting away into a different environment and having an informal chat with someone who understands and who has been there can help with emotional well being.

We are here to listen and all of our services are free to use and completely confidential.

Information Library


Along our corridor is an information library with lots of information regarding any other charity or service that can support a cancer patient with lots of facts and support for you to take away and read at your leisure.

Children’s Area

If you have children too, you can bring them along and know they will be occupied in our children’s play area which is in the same area. If the kids are happy and occupied then you can get ‘you’ time and have the support you need.