Tranquil Times – Counselling

On site support and professional counsellors

Cancer diagnosis can be very hard to cope with and sometimes just too much for us to deal with personally. Not only does it affect the patient but it also affects the entire family and also the circle of friends close to the patient.

We appreciate just how difficult the Cancer Journey can be to cope with on top of everything else. Here at the Centre we offer a free counselling service for anyone affected by Cancer that is struggling with all they are facing.
Our qualified Counsellors offer a reactive service and can really help you through such a difficult time. For more information please call our office to book an appointment.



TRANQUIL TIMES – Listening service / Emotional Support

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to outside the family unit. No matter how close our family units are we often hold back our thoughts in fear of upsetting a loved one. Here at HHHO we offer a free listening service.
The beauty of our service is that you don’t need an appointment. If you are having a bad day you can pop in be guaranteed empathy and understanding of which all is confidential. Don’t face things alone and let your thoughts take over. Come in a have a cup of tea and let us understand.


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